genasis jeziorski      


Genasis Jeziorski is an emerging multi-media artist from Kathleen, GA, completing her BFA from Columbus State University in Columbus, GA at the end of 2019. At the beginning of her career, she primarily worked in ceramics and print but is currently exploring other types of media. Utilizing abstraction, she attempts to find what is lost within herself after past trauma left her unable to recognize who she was. Her work has been included in multiple exhibitions including at the Cochran Gallery in LaGrange, GA and Frontline Arts in Branchburg, NJ. Currently, Genasis is living in Michigan with her cat Kramer and pursuing her MFA in Print Media at Cranbrook Academy of Art.

artist statement

Throughout my work, I am fascinated by systems and their disjunctures, the things that are supposed to happen but don’t. I have recently been working with projection, casting shadow nets on the paintings underneath, attempting to enclose but failing to actually contain the forms. The viewer can attempt to line up this net with the form just inches behind, and maybe they are able to align the two elements for a brief second. Nevertheless, for the vast majority of experiences, alignment is futile and will never actually happen. These breakdowns are liberating, mirroring the experience of healing and personal repair, something which drives me to make work. I find a relationship to the unpredictability of the interactions between the two elements and the way in which a person puts themselves back together after experiencing something unthinkable. There’s an expectation of the way things will play out that often never comes to fruition. These explorations in visual disruption and unpredictability permit the viewer a small glimpse into the way in which I think about myself and my own rehabilitation.

  cv available upon request.